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Updated: Oct 15, 2023

by Master Choy

Many people have the erroneous belief that yin and yang should be equal like the symbol. But in reality, the heart body mind spirit tells another story. It’s unrealistic to expect your elders/teachers/authority to be 100% positive. They can’t be. When they make just a few mistakes, you judge them and make them 100% negative!!!

Answer? Forgive this inner parts of you who mirror the negative. There’s a mad inner Putin self in you needing forgiveness. Every hurt, pain and suffering out there that makes you so angry, you are adding more and more negativity to the world! Alternative? Forgive!! Forgive 10 million times!!

Every time you tell someone or yourself YOU SHOULD BE POSITIVE, it’s like saying YOU SHOULD BE NEGATIVE. Even telling you, YOU SHOULD BE FORGIVING can be a negative!!! 70% of the body say the solution is in the fluids. We are in a bloody mess. The whole world is in a bloody mess!! And is it not amazing how the blood is working day and night to deal with the negative in the body!! And allow you to carry on breathing!!

Be fluidic. Be flowing. Love the art of forgiveness. Embrace embarrassing moments like water engulfs fire!! Overwhelm the fire of hatred with I AM LOVE, YOU ARE LOVE, ALL IS LOVE!! Chant I AM LOVE, YOU ARE LOVE, ALL IS LOVE 500 times to everyone whom you hate and who you think hates you and your guts! Does FORGIVENESS mean you let that person step on you as if you are a carpet? No, you are 70% water! You have the power of a tsunami wave, when the ripe time comes Mother Sea withdraw and withdraw and keep withdrawing... Could be a long time, here she comes, a TSUNAMI WAVE OF LOVING FORGIVENESS is here! Water is in a storm! You are a storm, torrential rain, be strong, be super confident, patience more patience and more patience. You are a cosmic surfer, ready to ride the most horrendous emotional wave of sadness, upset, illness and tragedy.

Sounds overwhelmingly amazing? Deep in your soul this sparkling “light being” in you, like the morning sun blazes countless waves on the sea with hope, beauty! And wow, happiness shall be the true winner!! A-CHI-EVE that even Adam and Eve will resurrect to applaud you!! May Unconditional Loving Chi energize you. May chi energize your family. May Chi always energize your friends! Most of us spent our lives fighting against the messenger or worshiping the messenger, NOT GETTING THE MESSAGE!!! For example, the message of love is THE CREATOR IS LOVE ALL CREATION IS LOVE BEFORE ALL PROPHETS CAME THAT WERE TRUE AND ALWAYS WILL BE! What other proof do we need? Look in our bodies and find love circulating life to bring more life? Externally, our environment radiates love constantly to support life. The birds and animals share this with forests and jungles. ANOTHER MESSAGE IN RESPONSE TO THE QUESTION. BUT, BUT WHEN CAN WE GET THE RESULTS? ANSWER. PATIENCE PATIENCE PATIENCE RIPE TIMING LIKE ALL TREES HAVE DIFFERENT RIPE TIME TO BEAR FRUITS


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