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After 30 years of research, the Trilogue Process has proven to help thousands of practitioners to experience more self-esteem, vitality, enthusiasm, energy and was found  to facilitate balanced and effective communication between the practitioner and himself  and society at large.

The Trilogue Process is a 1-1 communication process, based on the harmonious balancing of the Yin / receptive / mother principle with the Yang / assertive / father principle and the Tao / creative /child principle.

The training has a clear focus on balancing your Heart, Body, Mind and Spirit and clearly aims at helping you to discover more balance, health and relaxation in your daily life.

The Trilogue Process will also help to link up the earth chi and heavenly chi within you and activate a more creative purpose in your life.

It has been used as a Complementary health therapy to help people suffering from stress and psycho-somatic illnesses as well as life threatening sicknesses such as Cancer, Schizophrenia and Autism.


What is the purpose of the Trilogue Process for a “normal” person without any specific illness?

The Trilogue Process is also used as a means of enhancing the effectiveness of communication between your inner child and you. You can get what you want in life by improving your skills in the Art of Listening and Art of Negotiation between you and your inner child and with people in general. You achieve a deeper sense of peace, clarity and well being in yourself and in relation to others.

What happens during a Trilogue Session?

A session lasts an hour between your Trilogue Mentor and you usually seated in front of each other. The way a session flows is dependant on how you are with your inner family and the Trilogue Mentor is listening and tuning in to where you are with unconditional loving accepting attitude. Usually, it begins with a Heart Beat listening session, followed by tuning in and listening, and finishing with some Rainbow Tai Chi Chi Kung Exercises  You may need more than one session depending on your needs.

The focus is on how to connect you back to your creative spark. Many people coming out of a Trilogue session  feel like just being peaceful or they may write a poem, a song, piece of music or other forms of inspirational  artistic expression. 

Background of the Trilogue Process

Master Choy was appointed Director of the holistic health centre for 3 years (1987-1990) called The Creative Being Centre (CBC) in Stratford-upon-Avon UK. His job was about co-ordinating more than 100 therapists and published the holistic health directory for the Midlands. The CBC gave many complementary courses and classes such as kinesiology, iridology, yoga, sound and colour therapy. During this time, he also gave Rainbow Tai Chi Chi Kung classes. 

He also organised and hosted many events such as the Complementary Health Conference with the theme, ‘holistic tools to heal and understand the diseases of the 1980s”. It was very well attended with the presence of Dr Gordon Avery of the South Warwickshire Health Authority and Stephanie Collins alternative health therapist. The Conference was opened by Stratford-upon-Avon mayor C H Bates.

During this wonderful time, he was elected in 3 consecutive years as chairperson of the International Peace Festival at Leamington Spa with 45 committee members. This successful event attracted 150 different organisations and 50,000 participants.

In 1986 while still being director of the Creative Being Centre, Master Choy founded the Trilogue Process and Thanking Process as a complementary health tool to aid in personal health development and help to accelerate healing. He also found a deep link between the Trilogue Process, Thanking Process, Tai Chi and the option healing method and dialogue process which he studied at the option institute in Massachusetts, USA and was guided by option institute founders Barry “Bears” and Samahria Kaufman for over 10 years.

The Trilogue Process helps you to achieve a deeper sense of peace,

clarity and well-being in yourself and in relation to others.

Many people coming out of a session feel like just being

peaceful or they may write a poem, a song,

piece of music or other forms of inspirational 

artistic expression.

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