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We all came here with our unique story. Our unique struggles and backpack full of SHIT! After years of self-healing and self development and thorough field work we made it! And we are here to help you to make it too. Because we believe in the light in you.

As graduates we are a strong, passionate, energised team of 8, but we're not alone. New budding teacher trainees are going through their daily practice and thorough inner journeys to learn the art of self-healing and sharing it with Rainbow Colours. Directly guided, taught & 24/7 supported by Master Choy. And so are we, every day!

Read our unique heart, body, mind, spirit stories below. And feel free to contact us for more information or to share your story! We are here to help. 

Helen Feron.jpg


Rainbow Tai Chi Chi Kung and Zhineng Chi Kung Teacher / Chi Healer

Through her own transformations and healing of Boulimia-Anorexia nervosa, depression and Anxiety she feels the urgency and a deep purpose to share the Rainbow T'ai Chi Chi Kung tools and principles. Helen wants to help others find the way back to themselves and find healing.

Helen is originally from Holland, all her life she has been seeking for true teachers and real life education. In July 2012 she was guided to the Rainbow T’ai Chi School where she joined a week Summerschool. 

She found in Master Choy’s teachings all she was searching for. Helen felt a calling so strong, that she decided to leave her hometown Amsterdam to move by herself to the school in Ashburton. In 2012 she started the teacher/trainee course and had the great privilege to live in the Rainbow T’ai Chi School with Master Choy for two years. Helen found enormous love and passion in Rainbow T’ai Chi and has transformed her life and inner struggles like bulimia with the Rainbow T’ai Chi tools and Master Choy’s great guidance.

Through her own transformations she feels the urgency and a deep purpose to share the Rainbow T’ai Chi Chi Kung tools and principles. Helen wants to help others find the way back to themselves and find healing.

Vinent Sanders


Rainbow Tai Chi Chi Kung Teacher

Vincent is driven to keep on learning, practicing and growing. He wants the whole world to learn Rainbow Tai-Chi principles and exercises. He found Rainbow Tai Chi after his father got terminal cancer and helped him and himself heal. Vincent feels a mission to help people find their way back to themselves by teaching this heart, body, mind, spirit practice and way of life. 

Vincent has been studying with Master Choy from 2012 - 2021. He has been intensively trained as a Rainbow Tai-Chi-Chi-Kung teacher. Vincent dedicated himself completely to the study and practice of these inner chi-energy arts and graduated in 2016 to teach the 15 fundamentals. He has been teaching ever since in various groups, workshops, private sessions and weekly classes. Meanwhile he kept training and has done 9 FTTs and 4 F3Ts to learn Zhineng Chi Kung, Fusion of the 5 elements and the Rainbow Tai-Chi From 37 steps for his personal and spiritual development.
He was privileged to live with Master Choy in the Rainbow Tai-Chi School in the UK in 2013 & 2014. In 2019 Master Choy moved the school to Spain. Vincent and the other students choose to help the moving and started living in the happilization centre. Vincent lived in the happilization center to deepen his training and teaching skills. In 2020 he went back to Holland to share Rainbow Tai-Chi-Chi-Kung in Utrecht, Amsterdam and Eindhoven. 

Vincent feels Rainbow Tai-Chi-Chi-Kung is the biggest gift as it helped him and so many others. He changed his life of addictions and parties into a balanced happy life. Vincent’s father helped himself to heal from terminal cancer with the help of these teachings, a balanced diet and chi healing exercises.

During his training Vincent wrote 2 books "A man does not fight when he is Light" and together with his fellow teacher Helen, they wrote "Timeless sparks". Master Choy has also trained Vincent in the art of self humor to be a stand up comedian. Vincent has performed in various comedy clubs in the UK, Spain and Holland.

Monica Voice of the Heart.JPG


Rainbow Tai Chi Chi Kung Teacher & Zhineng Chi Kung Teacher / Chi Healer

Working with Master Choy at the school, she has found a truly comprehensive Heart, Body, Mind Spirit system that WORKS. In Ireland she presently teaches weekly Rainbow Tai Chi Chi Kung classes, also 2 day workshops on Zhineng Chi Form & Chi healing. In addition she works with students in 1:1 sessions. 

Monica has a background of Paediatric & General nursing. Having worked in the Irish health service, she then expanded her knowledge & skills into the area of Complementary therapies, her aim being to combine the best of both worlds, for greater client care. For many years she has taught extensively & practised a variety of skills within the Education  & Health services in Ireland.

As her search continued, literally travelling around the world for a truly holistic health care model,
in 2011 she first visited the Rainbow Tai Chi School. Since then there has been no desire in her to explore any other self healing avenues.


Working with Master Choy at the school,  she has found a truly comprehensive Heart, Body, Mind Spirit system that WORKS. Having made enormous strides in her own healing,  she then trained as a Rainbow Tai Chi Chi Kung teacher & Chi  healer. In Ireland  she presently teaches weekly RTC classes, also 2 day workshops on Zhineng Chi Form & Chi healing. In addition she works with students in 1:1 sessions. 


As a Mother of 4 children & being with her husband as he runs a busy transport business, she finds the RTC  tools practical, user friendly & really essential for her & her family to maintain balance, health & happiness. Monica integrates the many RTC tools & techniques every day, in multiple ways with her family & business. Working with, appreciating & respecting the chi has been the foundation for her  new growth  and well being.

If you have inquiries about Monica’s teachings or about classes, you can call her at: 00 353 868141144 or send her an email.



Rainbow Tai Chi Chi Kung Teacher

Tim is excited to share with others the wisdom he learned while studying at the Rainbow Tai Chi School. One of the biggest impacts for him was that he was able to connect to his heart again, which allowed him to feel and release his emotions and learned how to go from negativity to positivity.


As a entrepreneurial business graduate, millionaire visionaire and restless model he turned his life around to advocate a 'heart-full' lifestyle, also on the work floor! Because of his background in business and having worked in several companies where he saw that most of the employees were not fully satisfied with their job, he wants to help employees to become happier at their work.

He is also the writer of the book 'From Wanking to Thanking - Finding Real Love', where he shares his transformation from being an emotional, physical, mental and spiritual wanking boy to an HBMS balanced mature man. Through personal example he wishes to inspire young boys and men of all ages, the wank-society, to go beyond the image maker and find real love within themselves, the world and their relationships. 



Rainbow Tai Chi Chi Kung Teacher

Liza started learning with master Choy in 2014, in a weekend workshop in Amsterdam. At that moment she was ‘successful’ working as a qualified Child Psychologist and living a very active life in Amsterdam, but truly she did not feel happy or content. When meeting Master Choy and going through his teaching, she realized her ‘mental body’ was rather heavy compared to her emotional one, making her feel insecure inside.  


Liza joined several FTT courses and lived as an apprentice with Master Choy in Devon, UK. In the summer of 2018 she graduated as a Rainbow Tai Chi and Chi Kung teacher. Ever since she has been giving classes and workshops, first in the UK and later in the South of the Netherlands.


In 2019 another major life event happened for her, giving life to her natural teacher in the art of living a happy life; her son Flo was born, with two Rainbow Tai Chi teachers as parents. Robin and Liza still live and apply the teachings in their daily lives, keep being inspired by it every day as well as needing it to raise their son in a balanced way.


On top of all this Liza and Robin are now running an ‘urban care farm’ in the city of Eindhoven, together with Tim and Sabine. All these fantastic but sometimes challenging undertakings, they believe, they can do because of the RTCCK tools, enjoying life to the fullest of their abilities!



Rainbow Tai Chi Chi Kung Teacher

From the age of 19 Robin has been searching to find answers in this life. Searching for the answers to questions like: What are we all doing here? What is the purpose of it all? What is happiness? What is love? He always knew there is ‘more’ than just what we see and perceive in everyday life. A feeling of: ‘This can’t be it’, there must be something more meaningful than just living our lives and getting on with it as most people do… After graduating from his Bachelor in Nature Sports Management he taught outdoor and winter sports. He was always in nature and felt very much connected to nature, but also here something was missing and he noticed there was a lack of depth in these sports… it stayed in the mental and physical realm… it was fun, but there was no deeper meaning or purpose to do this…


So he searched and read a lot, trying to find answers in books. Step by step he learned mentally what is important in life and gradually he came closer to what he thought was true, what he thought was connected to wisdom. He stumbled upon Taoism and was very much in tune with the philosophy. After practicing Healing Tao in Amsterdam for 1.5 year he then was introduced to Rainbow Tai Chi Chi Kung by a good friend, and finally he found the teachings and tools he was looking for all his life.


So Robin started learning with Master Choy 3 years ago after being filled with inspiration from a weekend workshop Master Choy held in the Netherlands where he originally came from. Without any hesitation he joined the Rainbow Tai Chi Chi Kung Summer School and from this Summer School he straight away made the jump to deepen himself to learn all about the Rainbow Tai Chi Chi Kung tools in the Foundation Tai Chi Chi Kung Training (FTT), the two year intensive training Master Choy has set up to dive in fully to learn and unlearn on a deeper level. In these courses he learned from direct, cognitive experience what the chi is, what love is, what joy and happiness is. Not only knowing it mentally, but feeling it on all levels: emotional, physical, mentally and Spiritually.


After his first FTT he decided to join more courses as a Teacher Trainee to not only learn these tools and teachings of wisdom for himself but also to help heal the people who are open to learning these tools. So now Robin has found the true depth and wisdom he was looking for and feels very grateful and motivated to be able to teach the Rainbow Tai Chi Chi Kung Tools to help the people in this world heal and feel what is real!


After studying with Master Choy for 6 years in total, of which 4 years as an apprentice in the Rainbow Tai Chi School in Devon, Robin & his partner Liza moved back to the Netherlands where they continued their journey as teachers doing one to one classes and weekly classes. Meanwhile their son was born in 2019 which meant a long held dream manifested; creating a family. They both apply the RTCCK and Taoist wisdom into the connection with their son and still practice everyday.

Their latest adventure is the set up of a healthy, socially responsible and eco-sustainable business; their Aquaponic Urban farm and Land farm in Eindhoven, Netherlands. Here they help people who need it most to learn and develop while growing produce for local companies. Still expressing the RTCCK and Taoist lifestyle as the backbone of their company.



Rainbow Tai Chi Chi Kung Teacher

Linda came to the school for the first time in July 2013 after attending a weekend workshop with Master Choy in the Netherlands. She felt specially drawn to the school because of the healing possibilities for her hearing loss. After visiting the Summerschool, she was sure about her plans and started with the FTT course for personal development.

While studying the FTT course Linda began to change to connect more with who she really is. She discovered how much she loves to help people to find their true self and happiness. The tools, the lessons and the teachings became so valuable for her and became a way of life. She even inspired her own father to start practicing after he suffered burn-out from over work.

Rainbow Tai Chi was a real wakeup call, Linda feels that this is what she has been searching for her whole life, a fulfilment of happiness. In 2015, she decided to become a Teacher Trainee and moved to UK to live at the school, leaving behind her career as a Marketing Coordinator in the Netherlands, to study as an apprentice with Master Choy.

The transformation throughout these years has helped Linda to become more joyous, peaceful and heart and gut centred. Using the Rainbow Tai Chi tools consistently on a daily basis helps her to feel more balanced and confident, trusting her real self, rather than the voices of fear and doubt.

Through her study and support of Master Choy and her fellow students, Linda discovered a talent for comedy and enjoy sharing her personal stories with upside down humor.

During her study Linda has written two books. One of them is about her own transformation and she wrote another book book about Anita who came to the school for a personal retreat.  This book shows the healing power and possibilities of the Rainbow Tai Chi school. 

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