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Every pain longs to be heard by the Still Small Breath

Every cry tearing into the soul yearns liberation from fear

Does it matter whose blood is shed in yet another war?

What banners, what colourful beliefs you share?

Which nation, what religion, what political ideology you spout?

On the other side countless angels ready to respond rescue a drowning scream

On this side your true brother and sister behold your trembling heart

Hoping it will all be over soon

The Beloved you seek is in the silence of light and love from the beginning

The Lord of Mercy mirrors those who believe in power and destruction

O God of All Eternal Life

Like the Still Small Voice

The Still Small Breath

Behold I am in you

Breath of soft warm light

I see your light shining in your heart

Hold on WE are coming

because we are in you


God made peace piece by piece. We have the wrong expectation that it should be total world peace.

One human being is a jigsaw puzzle piece to fit in a next and don’t hurry.

Peace fits with peace small pieces one at a time. The peace you feel in your heart may seem insignificant and too little too late, not so. Your peace sets the next step for a grand finale of a voyage into the unknown world of peace.

Breathe that inner soft peaceful gift and let it expand into a glow.

I am here to help you grow this peace till you are filled to the brim. No one can take this inner task from you.

Peace begats peace.

May every moment be a fresh birth of peace till you feel peaceful.

Every second counts, the freshness of it !! A new baby pineapple is born TODAY!!!

A fresh Baby Pineapple

Master Choy

Rainbow light Beings

Founder Rainbow Tai Chi Chi Kung

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