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Space & Verbal Fast

In two days Summer School is starting and there will be a big group attending the course!!

I feel super excited and a little bit nervous but most of all I feel a deep sense of gratefulness! I’m just amazed and so happy that so many people have enrolled and want to learn Rainbow Tai Chi!

I feel deep in my heart and guts that this is going to be a life changing experience for all of the participants in their own unique way!

The core group has been busy for months to prepare everything under the amazing guidance of Master Choy and the great support of Christine Chin too!

We gave our best to facilitate the right and light environment for all to grow. With ‘all’ I don’t only mean the organic fruit, veggies and flowers to grow, but mostly the growth of people through a Heart Body Mind Spirit education!

It’s amazing that the course is now finally about to start and on one hand I cannot wait, on the other hand I feel that there are also some insecurity and doubts coming along with the feeling of the unknown (Wu Chi). Questions like: how will the group be? what is expected of me? will it all work out? What if it is all too overwhelming? are popping into my mind.

We had an amazing class the other day; Master Choy shared about Space and how you can create a space internally, regardless of the (small and / or crowded) outer space you have. The class was filled with so many great and deep lessons, too much to go into for now., But there is one specific thing I like to point out, which is related to space. It is the connection to Verbal Fast, which is a very important rule at Happilization Centre – Spain.

Verbal fast basically means, do your best to fast on words So, only speak when necessary!

We, as human beings are so used to sounds. Not strange, as this is our (most common) way of communication but did you actually know that all this chattering and sound is constantly eating away our chi energy?

I was completely unaware of this fact; it was not until I met Master Choy, that I started to experience the value of Verbal Fast. I was a real champ in filling the void as I was so scared what would happen if I would be silent and needed to face myself and my own emotions..

Verbal fast is not only applied on an outer level, but also on the inner! You can appear very peaceful and calm, but from the inside you are facing the constant chattering of the mind!

There are a lot of ways to quieting your mind, one of the meditations I’ve learned from Master Choy, is to focus on the pauses between my heartbeat and my breath. If I cannot feel my heartbeat, something isn’t flowing and I will need to come back to verbal fast again.

There is always a pause present and something to meditate on. Think of pauses in between words when someone is speaking, the pauses of a song, pauses in the sounds of a train passing by, pauses in a bird twittering.

The pause is where I can find the peace and the space and new fresh ideas and insights can come! What we are focussing on during summer school is to gain more (healing, rejuvenating) chi energy and also learn to conserve it instead of spending it!

Why not give it a try and enjoy the silence, hear the message of your heart(beat), feel the wind, and breath the dance of energy!

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