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A voice from the heart - CD release

Updated: Feb 1, 2021

"Ok this morning I received MONICA CD A VOICE FROM THE HEART and immediately looked with tingling energy pouring through her tao of colour science drawings. Read her little beautiful booklet. Speechlessly amazing! Then I put on my ear phones (as Christine is resting. She and I have been up nearly all night discussing the future of Creek Farm and Estepona possibilities). Listened with tears flowing down my face every song and piano is laced with tremendous soft healing energy. Monica as you know I am founder of the Thanking Process, The Trilogue Process and The Tao of Colour Science blending East and West wisdom. Monica you have taken this 3 themes to a new level. Chi healing waves are also flowing through the songs. Everyone in the Cosmic Healing Bliss have to get a copy. I would like to order 20 copies for the Happilization Center!!!" - Master Choy

About Monica

Monica Mackin is a long-term committed student at the Happilization Centre and dedicated Rainbow Tai Chi Chi Kung Teacher and Chi Healer. She has inspired all of us in finding her way to immense healing and inner freedom through Rainbow Tai Chi and the support of Master Choy, Christine Chin and many supportive FTT students.

This CD is the most delicate expression of her heart, her path to healing and has been worked on for many years prior to release. Her angelic voice, guided by her daughter Tara on piano and edited by fellow student Ashton Baker, has touched many or our heart, bodies, minds and spirits.

Heartfelt reviews

"Thank you Monica, so so much for this enormous healing gift you share... I truly feel healing, loved, held, forgiveness and endless compassionate beings smiling... angelic... I hope you all get a chance to listen to" - Helen "I am in absolute pieces listening to Monica's album, my nutshell has cracked and the squirrel too gave up on tissues and my scarf is soaked instead... what a gift! Thank you Master Choy for guiding Monica (and us all) to be creative healing force!"

"Thank you cara Monica you have taken me to the seventh heaven and beyond with your sensational voice. It totally resonates in the soul and has such depth - deeper than the deepest ocean and lifting on (joke) up to the stars and beyond. All you songs pull on my heart strings and your lyrics mean so much. Your new album makes driving pure joy - today I had it playing full blast whilst driving by the beautiful sea - sheer blissikins. A gift to the world - thank you Monica." - Cilla

You can buy her CD via: Song: Dear Inner Father

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