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Book release Starslight - A healing journey

Hello, my name is Sterre Overvest and I am a student at the Happilization Centre, Spain. Recently I released my very first book ever: StarsLight - A healing journey. For years I have been in desperate need for healing and have been searching for someone to help me. I felt completely lost and had no idea what could possibly help me to heal after having tried so many different mental health care treatments, without (long lasting) results. I was diagnosed with severe depression, personality disorder, PTSD and addiction. I have been through a lot of clinics and have been taking a lot of different medication in my life. In December 2016 I was hospitalised for over two months in a closed department in the UMC hospital in Holland. I was at my lowest point and I tried several times to take my own life. It was a very difficult time, being stuck in hospital and all of my freedom taken away. I was no longer in control of my own life. Decisions were made for me. The only thing that I could control was my food intake. In my desperation I wanted to hold onto something so I decided to starve myself.

I lost over twenty kilos in a short amount of time and my physical health was in danger. I was forced to be tube fed and luckily I gave in. As time went by, slowly and steadily I became strong enough to go home again. Whilst being back home I tried my best to pick up my 'normal' life again, but this empty feeling remained inside. Then one day my best friend from that time came to me and shared about her discovery of Rainbow Tai Chi. I decided to give it a chance, not knowing that from that moment onwards my life would change for good...

From the moment the personal retreat started, I fell in love with Rainbow Tai Chi and have found tremendous healing due to Master Choy's teachings full of wisdom, joy, healing and lightness. Ever since (three and a half years now) I have been studying with him and currently I am training to become a Rainbow Tai Chi teacher. Rainbow Tai Chi has not only saved my life, it has enriched me in so many different ways. It helped me develop my creative skills, taught me about forgiveness and appreciation, changed my relationship with my inner - and outer family and so much more! It has been a real (healing) journey with a lot of ups and downs. I needed to learn to stop my self harming behaviour, stop with smoking cigarettes and weed, stop taking medication and basically change my whole life-style. I have received tremendous support of Master Choy, his wife Christine Chin and all of my fellow Rainbow Tai Chi students, without them I would have never been able to heal myself. As my teacher always says: 'you are supposed to grown down before growing up' and this is exactly what has happened. I have been rooting myself daily, not only via Tai Chi practice but also by connecting to gardening. I found Mother Nature is the best teacher! I have been building back the trust and self-confidence that was missing for such a long time. The inner spark is awakened again and I feel happier, healthier and alive!


Feel inspired? Come and join us in one of the workshops, follow a weekly class or come for a personal retreat! You can buy my book in the web-shop or via

Loving grateful chi, Sterre Overvest - Teacher Trainee

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