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Dear Master Choy, 

Wow! What a journey, thank you for a life changing and life enhancing healing re-TREAT! I am deeply grateful and humbled by your support, light, joy, wisdom, peace, clarity, unconditional love and for taking us deeper than I have ever been before. You are the first person in my life who can truly help me find HBMS balance and get me back to my true nature and for that I am eternally grateful. I feel so relieved I am learning this now and putting the focus and energy on my growth at this time of life. There are so many gems to digest and cherish in all the soft work you have guided me through. I feel the layers you took us to keep on expanding and will keep bringing new insights and aliveness.


I feel I have been realigned to my purpose of serving the light being and also to humble as a student of light, thank you for steering me back on track helping me to heal. On many levels I feel I am changing and have a fresh new trusting relationship with life! What a gift to feel this deep humble vital light growing inside. I realised how my perspective has changed in just a week - the solution is not to change the outer (run!) when things are challenging but to change the inner. But that we still need the right, light environment, support, teacher, intention as a student. 


Thank you for helping me grow a new quality of practice, it is deeply nourishing and inspiring to have found a new joy, intimacy, curiosity, excitement growing with it. Standing at the stake is bringing me a whole new layer too and the flow you taught me I am relishing like a tasty dessert! I want to keep sustaining this. 


All the unexpected incredible lessons that have unfolded feel like a lifetime of powerful moments, etched into my soul. The flower bathing, the practices with brother and sister tree beings, hours in the mirror, the blindfold wu-chi, helping with the stones, the initiation with the group sharing negatives, connecting to the community with potimarron soup are all connecting me back to one place! I couldn't have done it without your powerful lessons and depth of tuning in, Linda's loyal dedicated support, Helen's loving dishes immersion, Andy and Nick's strong and soft presences. 


I am also feeling a smiling ease and integration within the community, thank you for helping me achieve this human chi development and deepened awareness for my purpose here as a student/educator. I feel a new respect, love, appreciation flowing for Helen, Andy, Linda and Nick and it's beautiful to feel this after feeling so lost. For their kind, warm, silent support in every step. So unconditional and timeless! Helen's dedication to serve cosmic rainbow meals have awakened a whole new inspiration to nourish myself with joy, light, health and creativity. 

I feel my world has changed, helped by the flowing curvaceous dome! Mother Earth and Father Sun becoming even closer, the closer I step towards my true nature. I also realise that escaping to nature doesn't help you find your true nature but it's about the inner and outer harmonise!


Let me grow a home of

still aliveness

of beauty






and light

A home where any

weary head can rest

and the loving energy 

opens to the truth

A home with a garden

full of abundance

and growth

and where one flower

becomes a


of smiles.


I feel a new depth of unconditional love which unfolded in the 4FTC, when I tuned into some students. I felt to grow and share this unconditional love with them without expecting anything back. To give with no agenda. The potimarron experience helped me see this too. I want to slow down even more in my practice to deepen what you shared today about letting the being take over - a feeling of - they are the solution for themselves! Then some self comedy ideas just came. I have written them down and I want to keep growing them. I was laughing at how random they are! 


Last night in my dream you shared with me to 'be from peace'. I woke up with these words, they feel very powerful, profound and it has opened many layers. I did my best to apply it straight away today. When I was practicing this morning with the quince blossoms I connected to this and felt beautiful ripples of smiles arriving in waves, appreciations also came out of the blue (being?) as if it wasn't me saying them!


Be From Peace


A moment of growth

when ripples

of smiles



from under the 

silky skin

of the river

and from

the everlasting 

light of life


in peace. 

I had another layer when I was cleaning of feeling some sense that it is not about what we do in our lives but the quality of how we move through it? I want to keep growing that patience, softness and focus to apply everything you are teaching us, not to become complacent, it feels that takes so much inner discipline! To let the light lead and surrender the personality. Although it seems simple, I feel there is so much to (un)learn about this! 


The lesson today also has resonated somewhere deep inside, to keep appreciating from within in every step and task we are be - do - being. 


I also want to thank the Centre and the overlighting being, Christine supporting from afar, Kiki, Wu-chi, Yin Yang Tao, the kois, chickies the beautiful tree beings, river spirit, mountain spirits and all the other presences making healing possible on such a deep level, cosmic level. Thank you Master Choy for being such an incredible example of giving your best in every way.


Warm smiling shining deep flowering gratitude,



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