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Julia joined us for an 8-day Chi Healing Retreat in April 2018, tailored to her needs. Supported by a group of 15 teacher trainees all present on the 5 acre School properties in the middle of South-Devon nature and under direct guidance of Tai Chi Master Choy and his wife and assistant Christine Chin. Every second Julia was on the School property she was monitored, supported and guided to learn to immerse herself in Chi-energy, to learn and receive the Chi healing exercises and to a-Chi-eve a complete transformation of lifestyle and beliefs. 

Because of her enormous receptivity and humbleness to learn and unlearn, Julia has been able to transform her life, her relationship to herself, her family and her Multiple Sclerosis. The shifts have been miraculous and a tremendous starting point for further healing. 

She ran into the light, emotionally, physically, mentally and spiritually. And I still remember her saying on her first day: ‘I cannot run.’  

And she did!

Julia | 8 Day Healing Journey Into Multiple Sclerosis

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