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Vincent's Comedy Show in Estepona

What a night it was for us, live comedy with Vincent in Estepona Spain. I included this as part of our FTT Weekend experience. Vincent's Yin receptiveness melted the Yang masculine qualities into a Tao of Pure Laughter night.

And then, the following morning we went to the Sea and did some special Tai Chi there!!

Attached also is an exciting and inspirational week "Tai Chi Ecstasy by the Sea" workshop in Estepona, Costa Del La Sol, Andalucia".  The theme of the workshop is to allow the practice of Tai Chi Form to be a catalyst to help everyone find their true purpose in life.

When I was a teenager, my favourite experiences were going to the river and to the sea to camp and practise Tai Chi. 50 years later, I am still doing it!! We have always had the vision of building a Rainbow Tai Chi Centre by the sea after the River Happilization Centre. From the tan tien sea of chi energy, we embrace the outer sea of ecstatic energy. Guaranteed - Laughter is the best medicine together with chi healings and warm loving chi hugs by us all including mother nature in her finest with infinite sun rays playing on every single wave of tingling chi. The calling has been sounded to every wave of chi in your blood, in your organs, return to the source of stillness in emotion -  healing peaceful smiles bubble up from the ocean of infinite loving chi embracing all.

 A learning/unlearning holiday of a lifetime to bring Spring 2019 to explore the purpose of your life. 

Master Choy

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