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Last October, the village of Cortes de la Frontera in Andalucia changed forever when the biggest flood in a hundred years submerged the whole valley, changing the landscape and the lives of the inhabitants forever.

It wasn’t a coincidence that just two days before, a group of 10 people from all over Europe moved into the river-side property right beside the river Guadiaro in the lower parts of the town.

Initiated by Master Choy, a Tai Chi Master who has 45 years of experience in teaching this art and discipline for health and happiness (including two decades as the director of the Rainbow Tai chi school in Devon, UK), building a Happilization Center by the river has been a dream and a vision he held dearly and patiently his whole life. 

Tai chi literally means the river of infinite energy, so when the river came to visit the freshly born Happilization Center during the floods, going up to 1m40 in height inside the house, the astonished Tai Chi students weren’t aware that this was going to become one of the most beautiful gifts and lessons they would encounter in their studies…


Working their way back to rebuild the centre after the floods seemed at first impossible.

But with the help of the principles and the tools they learned in Tai Chi, they were able to throw all their Heart, Body, Mind and Spirit into this dream and with lightness, soft and hard work, the center came out of the ground in small consistent steps.

A lot of loving energy has been put into cleaning and rebuilding the house and new accommodations, recreating a giant circular garden to grow organic vegetables, fruits and herbs of 30 different species, designing a beach alongside of the river, digging and creating a pond where koi fishes and toads live in harmony… so much has been achieved!

Even working hand-in-hand with the neighbours to repair the road, as it is so important in tai chi to look at ‘the way’ to the goal!

It’s under the smiling sun of July that the phoenix has risen from the ashes.

Thanks to the courage and perseverance of the whole group, the center is ready to welcome everyone who wants to learn life changing lessons, grow their happiness and become healthier!

The river is now flowing peacefully and the fishes, otters, turtles and kingfishers come to say ‘hi’ to the people who slow down enough to connect with them.


Have you ever slowed down enough to really discover what the river is, beyond the image you have of it?

The river teaches us how to flow in harmony with all the aspects of our lives. Any negative can be transformed into positive creative solutions just like the students discovered when they planted seeds of hope in the renewed soil after the flood to grow organic vegetables, including rainbow sweetcorn and big smiling potimarrons!

Happiness is not far away, it is in the flow of the streams of joy that is inside all of us.

Our body is made of more than 70% of water and the river of tai chi teaches us that this effortless happiness cleanses our worries and blockages and bring us back where we feel like a fish in water : home in the sea of chi (energy).

“I have gained a new relationship with the river. Floating in the river was beautiful… I felt it took away all my hardness and melted into softness,” tells Linda.

“I felt so held, so loved…which transformed me completely! It took away all my pains and I felt this stream of energy.”


This summer from July 24 to August 13, The Center hosts the summer school consisting of two stand-alone weeks of unique lessons focusing on learning Tai Chi Chi Kung and letting go of stress, relax and find balance and happiness in daily life, all that by the river and also IN the river!

Discover more on how to join this adventure:


You can visit us at El Chopo in Cañada del Real Tesoro. For more information please contact:

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