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Happy New Year 2021 by Master Choy

The Gift of Tai Chi to the world in 2021

By Master Choy

Stick to the painful ill self

As the river flows with every stone and rock thrown at her

Tai Chi is non judgmentally teaching every movement is for you to learn to grow

Every challenge you face in 2021 is an opportunity to transform into golden wisdom

Fearful Selves within you humbly bow to Tai Chi

The circular flow of arms and legs can be like the merciless hurricane tsunami waves or

the lessons of balancing yin and yang to emerge into Tao

Fire and Floods are fiery teachers and stormy beings

to show us we are one with nature elements

We can humbly walk on his beautiful Mother Earth and appeal to her to help us unlearn our arrogant ways

It’s not too late to swim with the tides of change

Come and learn Tai Chi with me while I have still some time


Love Tai Chi with all your heart body mind spirit

Hope to see you this year and transmute the inner battle fields into magical gardens filled with fruits of smiling peace, love, healing, joyful prosperity and harmony !

Happy 2021

Happy Sunshine from inner light to ALL

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