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“Dive in, dive in” says Master Choy

“I’ve done all this as man and boy”

“Dive in, dive in and follow me ……

To find a sea of bubbling Chi!”

Oh no! I think this man is mad

(I wish I was with Mum and Dad!)

But well, … I’ll do my best and see

If I can find this bubbling Chi …

And, if I can’t …. there’s always tea!

We need to heal … straight away ….

And then we can go out to play …

With joy and fun and lots of sun

Which is inside just everyone

Sometimes it hides behind a cloud

Of inner doubt but …

If you breathe … it will come out!

To play and sing and dance with joy!

So …

Many thanks

To Master Choy!!

Ann Ley

Estepona Workshop, October 2019

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