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Heartfullness on the Workfloor

Updated: Aug 30, 2018

We have created a special customized program for companies and people on the workfloor, for better health and happiness.

We start with the heart

Throughout the years and going through transformations ourselves we have learnt the value of the heart,, putting our heart in first place, rather than listening to the mind. Especially on the work floor, in relationship to our colleagues and how we get the best out of ourselves, we discovered the value of the Rainbow Teachings., tools which helps us to relax, come back to ourselves, our heart and passion in order to feel happier, healthier and more energized, at home as well as on the work floor!  That is where our passion comes from and drives us to share this message with the world and every single person, The heartfulness is a program specially tailored for you. and your company.

What will you learn

We teach universal subjects, connected to where people are in daily life. Often we struggle with frustration, negatives and are stuck in our way of thinking. We open new doorways to free up from the old and get fresh new energy for the day. Subjects which will be covered are the (he)art of dealing with stress-full situations,  transforming negative emotions and learn to type and write with energy and happy joints in your body! 

  • Energy The classes, the workshops and our teachings are always fresh, alive and new. We believe in the unseen power to get the message across. 

  • ENTHUSIASM With a dosis of passion, enthusiasm and excitement we are ready to share what we believe in with your workplace, to awaken the passion inside.

  • HEALTH We have discovered that health is an important factor for our whole well being. Discover yourself how you can benefit from simple, easy to learn exercises to gain a better health, more vitality and to jump out of your bed every morning, ready for the day!

The Team

The team consists out of Certified Rainbow Tai Chi and Chi Kung Instructors based in the Netherlands, the United Kingdom and Spain.

What we believe

We believe in the happilization of the world, of people. We start with individuals, one at the time. Our tools are based on the Taoist background and principles from the book '15 ways to a happier you' from Master Choy The Heartfulness Program is based on the heart body mind spirit education system taught at the Happilization Centre/ Rainbow Tai Chi Chi Kung School / Chi-Self Healing Center founded by Taoist Master Choy. With a down-to-earth rooted foundation, your efforts naturally grow like the tree’s roots, destined  to fulfill all your highest aspirations. Heartfulness is rooted on the Happiness, Health and Healing exercises and principles of Taoist Rainbow Tai Chi Chi Kung philosophy. 

Our work

Every week we reach over 200 people with the Rainbow Tai Chi tools and our teachings. This various from weekly classes, to sharing nights, teaching in elderly homes and through workshops. A growing network from people who benefit from better health, rejuvenation and feeling energized and happier! 


Marc - "The classes has helped me to let go of my work related stress. I am a complete different person. I am now much more relaxed and in stressful situations I calm down much faster."

Loes - "I have learnt to let go, which is so useful for situations at work."

Hanneke - "I thought I was able to relax, but the exercises showed me that I did not relax at all, that was so useful! "  

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