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New Online Programs

Rainbow Tai chi - Chi kung for health, happiness and relaxation

1 to 1 Private Sessions

You can now book online for a 1 to 1 private session

There are so much possibilities and reasons for you to benefit from a private session, wether you are interested in learning tai chi - chi kung exercises or tune into a specific issue or goal in your personal growth and well being.

Depending on your needs and availabilities we offer 1 to 1 sessions from the founder of the Happilization Centre Tai Chi Master Choy or from one of our qualified graduates! 

1 to 1

About Master Choy:


Master Choy studied T’ai-Chi Chi Kung with grandmaster Huang Sheng Shyang of Malaysia. Master Choy also learned the application of T’ai-Chi Chi Kung with his father, Chin Ket Leong, who was a Chinese herbal doctor and martial arts master. He was given the title of Master Choy by grandmaster Chen of Chen village in China after training with him in the original Tai Chi ancient art of iron ball Tai Chi .

He learned the Taoist sciences with Mantak Chia in Thailand and the Option process at the Option Institute, Massachussetts, USA. Choy also spent time with Jiddu Krishnamurti and U G Krishnamurti in India, finding a unique, heart-centred way of applying his T’ai-Chi Chi Kung to daily life. He has trained with Dr T K Shih of the Chi Healing Centre, USA and Dr Pang of the Zhineng Chi Kung Centre in China.

He combined his experience of T’ai-Chi Chi Kung with other Taoist exercises to develop the Rainbow T’ai-Chi Chi Kung practice and philosophy. He has led weekly classes and workshops on T’ai Chi Chi Kung and the Taoist arts for more than 40 years. Choy is also the founder of the Trilogue/thanking process and the aqua tai chi practices.


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