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After more than 45 years of experience in teaching Tai Chi and 20 years of teaching Aqua Tai Chi in the Rainbow Tai Chi School in Devon, Master Choy is ready for the next project

The Aqua Tai Chi centre in Estepona, where luxurious tropical gardens surround a beautiful circular heated pool. A few minuts away from the sea, plenty of cosy bedrooms and everything to help people heal and connect to chi energy in a new and fresh way.

This is the seed vision that has been patiently waiting underground.

After setting up the Rainbow Tai Chi school in Devon and the Happilization (River) Centre in Spain, the time is ripe to take an ultimate step.

Master Choy has dedicated his life to helping people become happier, healthier and in balance thanks to Tai Chi and Taoist Wisdom. He left trails of healing in all corners of the world and his ultimate dream is to live in harmony with nature and give a home to the tropical fruit trees he has been growing for the past two years.

After 3 years of diligent property hunting, Master Choy and his wife Christine have finally found the place that ticks all the boxes to fulfill that vision, a beautiful Estate in Estepona, just 2 minuts from the Sea!

The new Aqua Tai Chi Centre in Estepona
Will be able to host retreats and courses

in order to help students to connect back to their fluidic nature
and experience unique healing in the waters of the pool and the sea.
It will be the first of its kind in the world!


To manifest this wonderful place, the school is organising a "healfunding" to facilitate the last steps: you and/or your friends and relatives benefit from a chi healing and you can donate the amount you desire to the Aqua Tai Chi Center project.

Participate in a "healfunding"

One of the main focus of the Rainbow Tai Chi School and the Happilization Centre is to provide Chi Healings - a powerful way to help chi energy to heal physical ailments, pains and aches. 

Wether you are experienced in tai chi or not, recieving a chi healing can help you discover chi energy truely works and heals. Every chi healing is unique and many who recieved a chi healing describe a very different, unique journey, with lots of benefits.

Discover our chi healing students:

Helen is one of our most experienced students and studies chi healing for nearly 10 years, she is passionated about it and countless people benefited from her unconditionaly loving care during workshops, retreats or in 1 to 1 sessions. It is not for nothing her name means "healer" !

Linda is a very dedicated student who has been diving into healing herself from food allergies and ear problems, and since then also dedicated herself into healing other people with great success.

Vincent is a giving soul always ready to help and share the tools and principles of Rainbow Tai Chi. Thanks to Chi and Master Choy's guidance, his own father Wout is alive 9 years after being diagnosed with an untreatable cancer with a 3 months prognosis. This makes him even more dedicated to chi healing.

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As someone living with MS I was finding my walking slow and painful. Helen helped me become pain free and able to walk more smoothly. She also gave me more confidence in myself and my abilities. I can honestly say she has changed my life

Linda Saanen


Thank you so much Linda for your healing treatment yesterday. I am delighted to inform you that on getting out of bed this morning I was completely pain free. Your healing treatment was a total success!



My healing with Helen was very special. I felt during the first two minutes how the energy was spiralling from the bottom of my body upwards. Then I was totally gone, for how it felt, only a couple of minutes but 35 minutes had past. I felt energised and totally relaxed and the pain in my lower back was more or less gone. It was beautiful, Helen transmitted a soft, gentle, pure energy ❤ Thank you so much 🙏🏻❤

Chi healings are on donation basis and someone recieving a healing can decide how much he wants to contribute.
Every donation goes to the Aqua Tai Chi Center project to manifest the center everyone deserves to heal and rejuvenate!

Both Helen and Linda are in Spain (Costa del Sol) and are available to provide Chi Healings there, or in Holland at certain times of the year!
If you are not in these areas, do not worry: chi healings on a distance are also possible. Chi energy connects us all and has an effect even thousands of miles away!


Wether you just want to donate or you want to benefit from a chi healing, please contact us with the button below!

Are you ready?



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Partner Exercise at the Sea nearby the centre

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