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We believe in the happilization of the world, of people. We start with the individual, one at the time. Our tools are based on the Taoist background and principles from the book '15 ways to a happier you' from the Founder & Director Master Choy.

Our Chefs

Master Choy

Founder & Teacher​

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Christine Chin

Assistent Director

Raw Chef


"Coming from a background of 12 years as a general practitioner,

I felt aware that there was something lacking in what I was able to offer. I fist met Master Choy over 3 years ago and attended his workshops. What he had to say seemed immediateley to make sense. Since then I have explored many different avenues and teachers, but no where has everything made such sense as in Choy's teachings.

Choy shows us how we can start to change our whole way of being, without turning out backs on our ordinary western lives."

Dr. Lynette J Bowden, MBBS, DRCG, MFHOM

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